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Some Links

The Free To Choose Network is teaming up with PBS stations to bring you “Suffer No Fools,” a documentary about the life of my great colleague Walter Williams.

EconLog’s David Henderson puts the recent romance about “peace officers” in better perspective.  Persons subject to this delusional romance should read Radley Balko’s Rise of the Warrior Cop.

Raising Rivals’ Costs: Another Adventure in Crony Capitalism.  Supporting minimum-wage legislation is a tried-and-true way for business people to do well by doing bad.  (HT W.E. Heasley)

Speaking of legislation to raise the minimum wage make those workers who are least attractive to employers even less attractive to employers, my dear friend Sandy Ikeda insightfully analyzes the science of the minimum-wage debate.  A slice:

While weather is complex and unpredictable, economic systems are even more so. Does that mean there are no principles of economics? Of course not. In fact, it’s because of such complexity that we need whatever help economic theory can offer to organize our thinking. And it doesn’t get any more basic than this: The demand curve for goods slopes downward.

That is, other things equal, the costlier something is, the less of it you’ll want to buy.

Note that the caveat—other things equal—is as important as the inverse relation between price and quantity demanded. That’s why my earlier back-of-the-envelope analysis had to be conditional on more data. Unfortunately, those data are often very hard to get. Does that mean we abandon the theory? Well, that would be like letting go of the rope you’re hanging on to for dear life because you’re afraid it might break.

Judge Andrew Napolitano sees politicians’ true colors.

Haven’t we seen this disaster movie only just recently?

Dan Mitchell writes about the abomination that is civil asset forfeiture.