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Steve Chapman offers advice to those who would ban certain graduation speakers.

I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Kevin Williamson.  Here he defends my colleague Bryan Caplan against Michael Lind’s ignorant rant.  (HT David Henderson)  A slice:

There is something interesting to say, though Mr. Lind probably is not capable of saying it, about Professor Caplan’s views on the defects of democracy, which are in some ways very radical but in many ways very familiar. The belief that voters will often choose bad policies, support inhumane values, or do violence to national principles is hardly new — it is, for instance, why we have a Bill of Rights. It is true that poor Americans are more likely to support government censorship than are wealthy Americans — should we lament that the First Amendment still, a Senate Democrat or 40 notwithstanding, prevails?

Jim Bovard doesn’t trust Pres. Obama.

If Megan McArdle were a campaign strategist for the Democrats, she’d advise them not to play the inequality theme so frequently.  A slice:

As a new article from Bloomberg News explains, Democrats aren’t benefiting from hammering on inequality because almost all the areas with the worst inequality are already controlled by Democrats.

Steve Landsburg weighs in on some economics of climate change.  A slice:

This leaves alarmists like [Rolling Stone reporter] Mr. [Jeff] Goodell sitting squarely between the horns of a dilemma: Rising oceans either are or are not a virtual certainty. If rising oceans are not a virtual certainty, then it is time to stop claiming that they are. If rising oceans are a virtual certainty, then it is also a virtual certainty that nobody is going to stick around to be submerged by them. Either way, the situation is less alarming than the alarmists want you to believe.

(Steve’s post causes me to wonder just how many people worry both about the effects of speculation and about the consequences of that climate change will generate years from now.)

Speaking of climate change, Marlo Lewis is no member of the Pigou Club.  Nor am I.


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