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My colleague Alex Tabarrok reports astonishing numbers on the amount of resources the U.S. government wastes spends to police against immigration.  Regardless of your degree of sympathy with the argument that says that the existence of a welfare state weakens the case for open immigration, before accepting that argument you should weigh the costs reported by Alex.  These costs might well weigh heavier than whatever are the costs that U.S. taxpayers might bear as a consequence of immigrants using government welfare.  Here’s a slice from Alex’s post:

In other words, the Federal government spends more on preventing trade than on preventing murder, rape and theft. I call it the anti-nanny state. It’s hard to believe that this truly reflects the American public’s priorities.

Joel Mokyr vs. Robert Gordon.

The Kronies expose the cronyism at the heart of the Export-Import Bank.  (HT George White)

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy has yet more on the abominable monster of corporate welfare.

Mark Perry posts a telling two-minute-long video on race-car pitstops: 1950 and 2013.


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