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Some Links

Here’s some additional perspective on the ‘burden’ that we Americans would suffer (poor us) if we were, as any civilized people would, to welcome into our country the desperate children on our southern border.  A slice:

Accepting 60,000 children in a population of 317.2 million — less than two hundred-tenths of 1 percent (.02 percent) of our population — would hardly be straining our resources.

Jim Manzi reviews Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

(I thank Tyler Cowen for pointers to each of the above two links.)

Speaking of Piketty, what would Ludwig von Mises have said in response?  Andrew Wilson explores.  (HT Ross Kaminsky)

John Stossel ponders government’s role in building roads.

Adam Smith’s home – Panmure House – in Edinburgh is being refurbished and preserved.  (My former FEE colleague Nicole Gray Conchar played an instrumental role in ensuring this happy outcome.)