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John Cochrane explores some economists’ claim that income or wealth inequality reduces economic growth.

OK, so the idea in this report is that somehow, truck drivers in Las Vegas found out that hedge fund managers in Greenwich CT were upgrading from Gulfstreams to 737s. This made them feel bad, so they went out and took out huge mortgages that they had no chance of repaying. When house prices went up, they refinanced and bought TVs giving them even less chance of paying off their mortgages. Now they’re broke and not spending a lot.

Speaking of inequality, I post again my colleague Garett Jones’s review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital In the Twenty-First Century.  Garett’s review is perhaps the single best review of this book that I’ve read.

Here’s the great Richard Epstein on “middle-out economics.

James Pethokoukis writes on leftists and climate change and population growth.

Bjorn Lomborg on food production and land use.

Rob Bradley writes on Bill Gates writing on Julian Simon (and Matt Ridley).

Manly words from my colleague Bryan Caplan.


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