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Some Links

Rand Paul speaks out eloquently, in Time, against the militarization of the police throughout the United States.

Glenn Greenwald also writes against this horror.  (HT Walter Grinder)

The tragic events in Ferguson, MO, supply an excellent reason for those of you who haven’t yet bought, read, and studied Radley Balko’s Rise of the Warrior Cop to do so.

Now for some better news (here from Matt Ridley).

George Will – rightly – is not upset by corporations acting to keep their tax bills as low as possible.  A slice:

This is the progressive premise in action: Because government provides infrastructure (roads, etc.) affecting everyone, and because government-dispensed money flows everywhere, everything is beholden to the government, and more or less belongs to the government, and should be subordinated to its preferences, which always are for more control of the nation’s wealth.

And Will’s conclusion:

This illustrates the grandstanding frivolity of the political class. It legislates into existence incentives for what it considers perverse behavior, and then waxes indignant when businesses respond sensibly to the incentives.

The Tax Foundation’s Alan Cole explains why income data is a poor measure of economic inequality.

Hopefully, Wal-Martcare might save us from many of the ill-consequences of Obamacare.