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Some Links

David Henderson, over at EconLog, points us to a new interview with the great monetary and banking economist and historian Dick Timberlake.

Here are Greg Mankiw’s thoughts on tax inversions.  (I agree with much of what he says, but I strongly disagree that “we all have a responsibility to pay what we owe in taxes.”  I pay what I “owe” in taxes not because I have a “responsibility” to do so but, instead, only because government threatens to use violence against me if I don’t pay what it demands.  I stand in the same relation to the tax-gatherer as I stand in relation to any common thug who points a gun, knife, or fist at me demanding my money.  [I actually prefer the common thug, for he neither insults my intelligence by telling me that his predation is for my own good nor spends the money he takes from me to fund schemes to further interfere in my life.]  See on this matter Dwight Lee.)

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy exposes Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a supporter of crony capitalism.

Steven Hayward is not impressed by Amartya Sen’s pious plea for “sustainability.”  (HT Matt Ridley; and I thank Bill Workman for first alerting me to Sen’s essay.)

Here’s a timely reminder from Reason’s Nick Gillespie.

Shameless self-promotion: Open Culture plugs Everyday Economics (which would not be possible without the expert guidance of my former student, Roman Hardgrave).

James Pethokoukis explains why Uber’s hiring of David Plouffe is evidence of a cancer at the heart of the American economy.