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Some Links

Russ’s EconTalk podcast with economist and environmentalist Terry Anderson is superb….

…. and, on which, see this related EconLog post by David Henderson.

Daniel McCarthy reviews, in the New York Times Book Review, David Bromwich’s new biography of Edmund Burke.  (I’ve always liked Burke, but haven’t read as much of him as I ought to have read.  After reading McCarthy’s review, not only have I ordered Bromwich’s book, but my affection for Burke has increased.  Burke certainly seemed not to possess many of the dubious prejudices and presuppositions that modern American conservatives boast of possessing.)

Guess what?  States in which medical marijuana is legal have lower rates of opioid overdose rates.

Bart Hinkle reflects on the modern “liberals'” fetish for power.

Christopher Conover asks if smoking is irrational.

John Tamny explains that Hillary Clinton is wrong to disparage the warning “Don’t do stupid stuff” as a guide for government officials.