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Two ‘War on Drugs’ Links

Once again, I offer here evidence to contradict those who support the ‘war on drugs’ on grounds that it allegedly makes our society less coarse, less brutal, and more civilized than it would be if government never interfered with people’s choices of what to ingest.

First is this video from Paul Feine and Alex Manning on atrocities committed by “law-enforcement” officials against innocent people.  As you read of, and watch the video of, these atrocities, ask yourself how you would feel if you were subjected to such treatment.  Ask how you would feel if your son or daughter or grandchild were subjected to such brutality.  Ask these questions even under the assumption that you or your loved ones were indeed in possession of substances disapproved of by politicians.  Ask yourself, especially if you support the ‘war on drugs,’ if preventing some people from getting high in ways that you disapprove of justifies this abominable brutality masquerading as “law enforcement.”

Second is this post from John Cochrane on the terrible effects that the ‘war on drugs’ has unleashed especially on young black males in America.

How can anyone who reads these above posts still believe that the ‘war on drugs’ makes society more civilized, peaceful, and humane?


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