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Some Links

George Leef weighs in at Forbes against the abominable practice of civil asset forfeiture.  A slice:

One of the worst cities for civil asset forfeiture is Philadelphia, where, as we read in this Philadelphia Inquirer story, officials file thousands of forfeiture petitions yearly, confiscating some $6 million in cash and property. One of the disturbing cases related in the piece is that of the Sourovelis family. They were evicted from their home because their son had been arrested for selling $40 worth of illegal drugs outside of the house. But because he lived there, the house was fair game for seizure.

Julie Novak, of Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs, sent me this splendid analysis that she did earlier this year of improvements over the past few decades in the living standards of ordinary Australians.  I like both her wisdom and research method!

In his latest New York Times column, my colleague Tyler Cowen ponders the sources and future of the gender gap.

Also from Tyler is this piece of evidence that Paul Krugman is mistaken to argue that tasks performed by low-skilled workers are especially unlikely to be performed by machines.

The wise Alberto Mingardi isn’t terribly disturbed by the prospect of Scottish independence.

Curtis Dubay and Salim Furth ponder Thomas Piketty and his critics.  They conclude that “almost nothing in Capital in the Twenty-First Century can be applied usefully to policymaking.”

Bruce Thornton explains that the uninformed “idealism” of too many well-fed westerners is dangerous, especially to those people who today aren’t as prosperous as western environmental “activists.