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Sheldon Richman explains that freedom does not require empire; in fact, quite the opposite.  (HT Walter Grinder)  A slice:

We’ve had enough experience with government to know that even well-intended policies will likely be turned to the benefit of special interests (“free-trade imperialism”) and that the people most adept at deception and most comfortable with administering the machinery of violence will be most attracted to political power and best at procuring it. What’s to keep the imperial apparatus from falling into the hands of politicians who see war and conquest as the keys not just to security but also to glory, manliness, and national greatness?

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby writes of refugees.

Dan Bier writes on the dangerous rise of SWAT ‘policing’ across America.

Here’s a great interview with Terry Anderson on property rights and free-market environmentalism.

Mark Perry asks: what’s the ratio of CEO pay in the U.S. to the pay of all U.S. workers.

Shikha Dalmia isn’t impressed with India’s new Prime Minister.


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