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by Don Boudreaux on October 4, 2014

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My former Mercatus Center colleague Jerry Brito has just launched Coin Center, an organization “Dedicated to developing and advocating sound government policy toward digital currencies and blockchain technologies.”

David Henderson celebrates one of the many new additions to the prosperity pool – a pool filled by bourgeoise-led innovationism.

From 2006: Michael Strong advises that we forget the World Bank and rely instead upon Wal-Mart.

FEE is now putting on-line different sections of Henry Hazlitt’s great 1946 volume, Economics in One Lesson.  Here’s a section entitled “Can Unions Really Raise Wages?”  (And here is an abridged audio version narrated by Hazlitt himself.)

This new Hotnomics video argues against raising the minimum wage.

And speaking of wages, my friend Sandy Ideka has more on the matter.


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