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Some Links

In this new Mercatus Center study, Stewart Dompe and Adam C. Smith (two products of GMU Econ, I boast) explore the regulation of platform markets in transportation.

With the help of researchers at the Institute for Justice, Cato’s David Boaz offers some perspective on the amount of money now spent on political campaigns in the U.S.

Scott Winship explains that economic inequality does not reduce prosperity.

… but capital-gains taxation does.  The Fraser Institute’s Jason Clemens, Charles Lamman, and Matthew Lo eloquently explain how capital-gains taxation hampers economic growth.  A slice:

Capital gains taxes also affect an entrepreneur’s ability to attract managers from traditional business sectors. Start-up firms cannot typically offer salaries that are competitive with established businesses and therefore often recruit managers using equity stakes. Capital gains taxes reduce the returns that these managers receive, thereby diminishing the likelihood that start-ups will be able to attract the talent that growth requires.

My colleague Bryan Caplan explores the philosophy of citizenism and its implications for emigration policy.

Steve Landsburg looks deeply and productively into some economics of the labor market.

Jerry Jordan reminds us of an important difference between money and income – a difference too often ignored by the economically uninformed.