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Two Notes on Immigration

Here are two notes on immigration.  The first is from my treasured libertarian friend Frayda Levin; it’s a letter of hers that appears in today’s edition of the New York Times:

To the Editor:

Immigration Has Republican Governors Seething and Facing Practical Challenges” (news article, Nov. 20) describes the Republican governors’ dilemma if President Obama grants protection to millions of illegal immigrants.

Gov. Paul R. LePage of Maine, who adopted a boy from Jamaica, is quoted as saying “it took us nearly 11 years” to get a green card for his son. He then irrationally states, “Why should everybody just get one tomorrow?”

A more reasonable — and empathetic — response would be, “No one should have to go through the 11 years of bureaucratic hurdles that we did to enable our son to be here legally.” The system is truly broken and must be changed. Unfortunately, the immigration system seems to be the one area of government that conservatives don’t want to attack.

I write this as an active Republican who hopes that the Republicans can apply their antigovernment sentiments to the dysfunctional and inhumane immigration system we now have.

Mountain Lakes, N.J., Nov. 20, 2014

The second is this short blog post by Steve Landsburg.