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Masonomists, Circa 1987

Below is a photo taken in the mid-1980s (I think in the Spring of 1987) outside of Robinson Hall on George Mason University’s Fairfax campus.  (To get better resolution, click on the photo.)  This picture was taken after Richmond Fed economist Tom Humphrey (bottom right) gave a colloquium at GMU.  (The colloquium was sponsored by the Center for the Study of Market Processes, which is today the Mercatus Center.)  Although every face is familiar to me, there are a handful whose names I no longer recall.  But I recall most.

To Tom Humphrey’s right is George Selgin. To George’s right is me. Over my right shoulder is the late Don Lavoie; over my left shoulder is Pam Heard Shumway. Over George’s left shoulder is Steve Horwitz. Just to Steve’s right (and a bit behind him) is Pete Boettke, and to Steve’s left is Jerry Ellig. Over Jerry’s left shoulder is Nancy Pfotenhauer (then, Nancy Mitchell). Over Jerry’s right shoulder is Deb Walker. To Pete Boettke’s right (and just a bit in front of Pete) is Fred Oerther, and over Pete’s left shoulder is Dave Prychitko. To Dave’s left is Tom Rustici. The guy to Tom’s left (and over the right shoulder of Nancy Pfotenhauer) is Dan Mitchell. Over Dan’s left shoulder is Shigeto Naka.

Over Dave Prychitko’s left shoulder is Ralph Rector, and to Ralph’s immediate right is Jack High. Over Jack’s left shoulder is Gary O’Callaghan, and to Gary’s left is Mike Becker. Over Jack’s right shoulder, his face partially blocked by Pete Boettke’s head, is Charles Mensa.

UPDATE: To my immediate right is Harry Messenheimer.  Harry e-mailed me a few hours ago to remind me – and Harry’s e-mail all-but-confirms that this photo was indeed taken in the Spring of 1987.  (Harry’s e-mail also confirms that 28 years does a number on one’s memory.)