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Some Links

Here’s a holiday book guide from my colleagues at the Mercatus Center!

My GMU Econ colleague – and EconLog’s – Bryan Caplan likes Alex Epstein’s new book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.  I suspect that I’ll like this book just as much as Bryan does.

George Selgin explains the intellectual consistency of free-banking theorists.

Yesterday I was interviewed on a variety of topics by the team at Boom Bust tv.

My latest Pittsburgh Tribune-Review column compares democracy to individual choice.  Here’s my conclusion:

Decisions on the use of different drugs are best left to each person. My choosing to use a drug does not oblige you to use it. But “The People’s” decision – through a government bureaucracy – to prohibit the use of drugs that the majority of voters believe are too risky prevents those people who have greater tolerances for risk from using such drugs. Such an outcome is unjust. Why should I – with an unusually strong tolerance for risk – be denied the freedom to act on my preferences?

This unjust outcome, like many others, would be avoided if fewer decisions were made democratically and more were made individually.

Richard Rahn says that it’s ‘game over’ for Ukraine.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth is unimpressed with the EPA’s new ozone regulations.