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Quotation of the Day…

…from page 188 of David Mamet’s 2011 book, The Secret Knowledge (original emphasis):

Government is only a business.  Past the roads, defense, and sewers, it sells excitement and self-satisfaction to the masses, and charges them an entertainment tax, exacted in wealth and misery.  It cannot make cars, or develop medicines.  How can it “abolish poverty” (at home or abroad), or Bring About an End to Greed or Exploitation?  It can only sell the illusion, and put itself in a position where it is free from judgment of its efforts.  It does this, first of all, by stating inchoate goals, “change, hope, fairness, peace,” and then indicting those who question them as traitors or ogres; finally, it explains its lack of success by reference to persistent if magical forces put in play by its predecessors and yet uneradicated because of insufficient funding.