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Hon. Beggar

Earlier today, returning home after getting my hair cut, I was stopped by a traffic light at a busy intersection at which a beggar was, well, begging.  I seldom give money to beggars, but I had a couple of bucks in my pocket that I decided to give to the guy.

“Thanks,” he said, not making eye contact.  He then added “Helluva way to make a living, huh?”  I replied, “Well, at least you’re not a politician.  Your occupation is a far less dishonorable one than that.”

The light turned green and I drove off.  I don’t think that my remark registered with the beggar, but my remark is, I believe, accurate.

However dishonorable it is (and it certainly is dishonorable) to beg strangers for money, it’s far less dishonorable than demanding money from strangers (and caging or killing those who refuse to fork over the amounts demanded).  And to make matters worse, politicians top off their thievery with with intelligence-insulting proclamations about how their practice of thievery is a self-sacrificial line of work meant to help others.  Yet, despite the reality of such falsehood-masked money-taking, politicians in the U.S. typically have their names prefixed with “Hon.” – a blatant lie if ever a blatant lie were told.


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