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Bob Higgs waxes poetic about the power elite.

Roger Pilon remembers the late M. Stanton Evans – in which Roger mentions one of Evans’s best lines (as reported by George Will): “A modern liberal is someone who doesn’t care what you do as long as it’s compulsory.”  That’s pretty darn accurate.

Abby Hall (a GMU Econ PhD) ponders the United States of Fear.  A slice:

I also think about the complete and utter—uh, bologna—contained in FDR’s famous address.

I’m referring to the President’s attempt to discourage fear among U.S. citizens. The fact is, FDR, like members of government before and after him, thrived on fear to push his agenda. Government uses fear as a means to expand the scale and scope of its power in unprecedented ways. FDR is their poster child.

As Robert Higgs has discussed, the growth and maintenance of government requires fear on the part of U.S. citizens. Fear means people will clamor for the government to “do something” to assuage their anxiety. As a result, the government steps in to supposedly provide a remedy.

Cato President John Allison talks about leadership (which is the topic of his new book).

Here’s info on Cato University 2015.

As Jim Rose reports:

Most of the income of the top 1% in the USA is now from wages, salaries and entrepreneurial income. They make it themselves. They do not sit back and collect dividends from passive investments.