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Some Links

Phil Magness picks Piketty apart.  A slice:

Piketty’s empirical work suffers from several highly problematic characteristics. Empirical demonstrations of the century-long distributional U-shape for three different countries — his main piece of evidence for his inequality thesis — are rendered unreliable by issues including

  1. suspect and biased adjustment techniques,
  2. selective cherry-picking to create trends from ambiguous data sets, and
  3. grossly insufficient annotation to cross-check and replicate his results where they diverge from their claimed sources.

Taken together, these issues reflect a severe confirmation bias at play throughout Piketty’s analysis.

Speaking of income inequality, what’s happening to income inequality globally?  Max Roser has a perspective.

Alberto Mingardi ponders Inca socialism.

Naomi Schaefer Riley exposes the lunacy of so-called “sustainability” initiatives, movements, and efforts on college campuses.

Congratulations to EconLog’s David Henderson!

Hopefully Richard Rahn is correct that the tide is turning against the banana-republic abomination that is civil asset forfeiture in America.

The fine AEI economist John Makin has died at the age of 71.