George Selgin’s new blog – a joint project of Cato’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives and the Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights – is now up and running.  It’s called Alt-M.  Alt-M, I predict confidently and with joy, will neither warm the hearts nor soothe the souls of central bankers and other monetary cranks.

Mike Munger weighs in on the current hullabaloo in Indiana.

Ann Althouse helps to reveal the revolutionary importance of a device that 21st-century Americans regard as mundane.  (HT John Kunze)

Bill Sundstrom reviews Francis Spufford’s Red Plenty.  (HT Peter Minowitz)

George Smith has edited a new reader on individualism.  (HT Walter Grinder)

My colleague Tyler Cowen explores, in the New York Times, inequality and mobility.

David Boaz, whose latest book is The Libertarian Mind, will be the guest on today’s Bob Zadek Show.

My colleague Alex Tabarrok celebrates market-driven innovation and rightly concludes that “we have much to gain from increased wealth in the developing world.”

Speaking of innovation, it’s the subject of the latest Stossel.


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