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by Don Boudreaux on April 19, 2015

in Crime, Immigration, Myths and Fallacies, Politics, Property Rights, Taxes, Video

Does more-strict enforcement of immigration restrictions reduce crime in the U.S.?  Likely not.  (HT Tyler Cowen)

Here’s Brendan O’Neill on the utter superficiality of politics.  (HT Walter Grinder)

Congratulations to Chapman University law professor Tom Bell for winning the 2015 Charles G. Koch Outstanding Institute for Humane Studies Alum Award!  In this 2011 LearnLiberty video, Tom explains the power of property rights.

In this video, Maddox explores the myth of a discrimination-caused gap between the wages of men and women.  (R-rated language)  (HT Newton Wan)

Speaking of this so-called ‘pay gap,’ Andrew Biggs reports that merely taking account of fringe benefits goes a very long way toward eliminating this ‘gap.

Jason Clemens, Joel Emes, Niels Veldhuis explore the connection between entrepreneurship, demographics, and capital-gains taxation.

Jacob Sullum explores Hillary Clinton’s views on gun control.


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