George Selgin explains how the Fed helped to fuel the housing bubble that burst in 2008.  (Scott Sumner offers here his thoughts on George’s case.)

‘The Koch Brothers are up to no-good again!’ is how some people on the political left bizarrely interpret Charles and David Koch using their – the Kochs’ – money to lobby against government policies that would swell the Kochs’ companies’ bottom-lines.

John Tamny explains that the best way to ‘redistribute’ golfer Jordan Spieth’s wealth is to let him keep it (or, rather, to let him – not the state – spend and invest it as he, Spieth, sees fit).  Ludwig Lachmann would agree.

Pointing us to a fine Forbes essay by Wayne Crews, Alberto Mingardi ponders the EU’s antitrust investigation of Google.  (Antitrust’s history and practice in the U.S. reveals unmistakably that antitrust ‘policy’ has from the beginning been a cleverly camouflaged platform for rent-seekers to thwart competition.)

Also weighing in on the EU’s persecution of Google is Bill Shughart.

In this video, Bret Swanson explores Moore’s Law – and celebrates its consequences.

There’s never been a safer time to be a kid in America.  Truly.

John Graham explores the claim that Obamacare has reduced the percentage of Americans without health insurance.


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