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Some Links

Philosopher Jason Brennan argues that government ought not fund philosophy.

Here are Benjamin Zycher’s important thoughts from last-week’s Earth Day.  A slice:

That renewable power is vastly more expensive than conventional generation is an eternal truth that no amount of political propaganda can refute, as the British, Germans, and others have discovered to their regret. (As an aside, the expansion of renewable power increases the emissions of conventional pollutants and greenhouse gases, a reality rather inconsistent with the proclaimed concern of the Earth Day celebrants with environmental quality, a dark irony to be explored another day.)

Not that more reasons are needed, but in today’s Wall Street Journal Mark Pfeifle offers yet another reason to permanently cork that great geyser of cronyism, the U.S. Export-Import Bank.  (gated)

Steve Gjerstad and Vernon Smith summarize their take on the current state of Greece’s economy.

Simon Lester explains that Chinese free trade is no threat to American free trade.

The market provides!  (HT Karol Boudreaux)