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Massacre Day

May 1st now is the date every year on which socialists and many other people ignorant of economics (many of whom also lack even the scent of human decency, if only because it is smothered by the musk of their arrogance) celebrate “International Workers Day.”

Given the (at least) tens of millions of people – mostly workers (and peasants) – massacred, during the 20th century alone, in the name of workers (and peasants), today ought to be renamed Massacre Day.  It should be an annual occasion to reflect solemnly and sadly on all the cruelty and horrors that human beings are capable of inflicting upon each other in the name of social engineering and “social justice.”

No sensible human being trusts any other human being with even small slivers of power.

UPDATE:  Not surprisingly, Ilya Somin, my GMU colleague from over in the law school, first proposed a similar commemoration years ago.  (HT Roy Stogner)