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Some Links

Wally Olson provides a helpful list of links to several recent blog posts on the minimum wage that infamous policy that prices the most-disadvantaged low-skilled workers out of jobs.

Roger Koppl points us to this horrific tale of civil asset forfeiture.  (Pardon the pleonasm here.)

Richard Epstein ponders the troubles in Baltimore.  Here’s his opening paragraph:

The recent unrest in Baltimore has been dominating the headlines. But the real story is less about the particulars of the gruesome death of Freddie Gray and more about the set of policies that have increased the odds of such tragedies happening. These policies cover a broad range of issues, from police practices to public education. But they all bear the mark of progressive thinking, which has reduced the legitimate prospects for advancement and increased the odds of social disruption.

In this lovely essay at Time, David Boaz celebrates the “libertarian matriarch,” Laura Ingalls Wilder.

My colleague Pete Boettke reflects on Hayek’s 116th birthday (which was on May 8th).

Here’s wisdom from the always-wise Radley Balko.

John Tamny reviews Disinherited, a new book by Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Jared Meyer.

Here’s Kevin Dowd on Hayek-style cybercurrency.