George Leef writes about the Model-T and the Tesla.

I apologize for only just now finding Mark Perry’s initial and excellent response to Robert Reich’s horrendously reasoned case for raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The video in which Reich presents this case is the intellectual equivalent of a video of someone who is widely believed to be a professional and competent biologist arguing that the earth is 4,000 years old.

Speaking of Mark Perry, he explains here a point that I believe deserves much more attention – namely, the increasing inability of conventional tools of national income accounting to measure changes in economic activity.  (See also Diane Coyle’s excellent 2014 book, GDP.)

George Will rightly laments the infantilization – and accompanying criminalization – of American society.

Starting at around the 25:45 mark in this video is my presentation at last month’s wonderful Liberty Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  (HT Rodrigo Carpes)

David Henderson is understandably unimpressed by the economics of the U.S. Congress’s newest economist-member.

Tim Carney reports on a superb example of a bootleggers-and-Baptist coalition: big pharma and feminists.

Cato’s Chris Edwards discusses Amtrak’s budget.


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