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Some Links

As we approach the ten-year anniversary (which falls on June 23rd) of the infamous Kelo decision, my GMU colleague from over in the law school Ilya Somin writes about his new book, The Grasping Hand.  (It’s a book that I am very eager to read.)

This Friday’s Stossel (FoxBusiness) explores “social justice.”  In one segment of that show I discuss with Stossel the argument that slavery was necessary to launch capitalism.

For those who doubt that the itch to rule is but a very short and easy step away from the demand to tyrannize, Walter Olson has some evidence for you.  In this case, it’s evidence featuring U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

Jeff Tucker explains that markets outperform government at making us safer.

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is unimpressed by Sen. (and presidential aspirant) Bernie Sanders’s (non-existent) grasp of economics.  A slice:

Blasting greedy billionaires and sneering at the multiplicity of deodorant brands “when children are hungry” appeals to a slice of the electorate. But populist rhetoric from a “humorless aging hippie peacenik Socialist” (as Sanders was once described in a New York Times Magazine profile) doesn’t fill empty food bowls. Market economies do.

Here’s Merrill Matthews on yet another unsurprising misfortune of Obamacare.