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George Selgin looks with clear, 20/20 vision at the Fed’s recent performance.  What he sees isn’t pretty.

Starting at around the 13:45 mark in this recent Stossel show, I discuss with Stossel the myth that capitalism was sparked, or even just boosted, by slavery.  Among the other guests on this show (although not in the same segment in which I appear) is Jesse Myerson.  Myerson is about as economically uninformed as people become – and, like so many such people, his hostility to free markets is directly proportional to his ignorance of the logic and actual operation of free markets.  In a later post I might address one of the points he makes here.

In another Stossel episode, economist Jayson Lusk explodes the myth that buying locally grown or raised food is good for the environment.

Here’s yet another account of government using civil asset forfeiture to steal money.  Accounts such as this one expose as naive those whose default attitude toward government is one of trust and respect.

Sarah Skwire, a mom, explores momonomics.

The Tax Foundation’s Andrew Lundeen and Michael Schuyler crunch the numbers on Rand Paul’s tax plan.


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