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The Essential Hayek

Today my little book The Essential Hayek is released.  It can be downloaded without charge.

Published by Canada’s Fraser Institute, this volume’s purpose is to explain as clearly as possible to non-academics the essential elements in F.A. Hayek’s economic, social, political, and legal theory.  Writing this book was the most difficult intellectual task that I’ve ever undertaken.  I cannot judge how well or poorly I succeeded in making Hayek’s ideas accessible to non-academic audiences; I can only hope that the fruit of my effort is passable.

My colleagues at the Fraser Institute (where I serve as a Senior Fellow) were awesome in making this book happen and, now, in ensuring that it is distributed widely.  Thanks to you all!

The book has its own website as well as five videos (narrated by me, and available at the book’s website).  Here’s one of the videos: