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A Profession of Plunderers

Here’s a passage from New York Times report on Hillary Clinton’s coming campaign promises of expensive government programs:

Mrs. Clinton is expected to begin spelling out details of her policies on Monday in a speech about the economy. Meanwhile, her aides say that she will seek to pay for them with higher taxes on wealthy Americans….

Market entrepreneur Smith succeeds only if and insofar as he persuades investor Jones and consumer Williams each to spend his or her own money on Smith’s business plan and products.  Political entrepreneur Politician Johnson succeeds only if and insofar as she persuades voter Jackson and voter Miller to spend other people’s money – namely, money belonging to taxpayers Smith and Jones – on Johnson’s political plan and programs.  Despite the perversity of this reality, the Smiths and Jones of the world are commonly derided as greedy and antisocial pillagers, the Jacksons and Millers of the world are lauded as deserving and noble citizens, and the Johnsons of the world are celebrated, cheered, applauded, hailed, and memorialized as generous and visionary public servants.


Politics is a scam.