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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from this recent Facebook post by economist Antony Davies:

When I was my youngest son’s age, I used a touch tone phone for the first time. He just used a touch tone phone for the first time. We were both equally impressed. I because it was a new technology. He because it was an antique.

That’s just one example of just one generation’s worth of technological advancement.

I recall that when my son, Thomas (b. 1997), was three, we visited his Uncle Bobby and Aunt Seana at their home in New Hampshire.  Bobby’s Toyota Corolla had mechanical crank windows.  Thomas was sitting in the back seat of his uncle’s car and, upon noticing the crank that rolled the window up and down, exclaimed gleefully that Uncle Bobby’s car is more advanced than was our car with its push-button window controls.  “Why more advanced?” his mother asked.  “Because in Uncle Bobby’s car you can roll the window up and down even when the car isn’t on!” he pointed out.


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