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Some Links

Is America suffering an epidemic of right-wing terrorism?  Megan McArdle explains why the answer is no.  (HT David Henderson)

Writing in USA Today, Steve Horwitz rejects the dire predictions of conservatives who see doom in the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.  A slice:

As conservatives rightly make fun of all the failed predictions of economic and ecological collapse peddled by progressives since the 1960s, they forget their own failed predictions of social collapse every time the institution of marriage changed over the same period.

Rising female labor force participation rates, rising divorce rates, the pill, and the advent of no-fault divorce were also claimed to be the “end of marriage,” if not Western civilization itself. No doubt marriage has changed as result of those events, but in the wake of a historic Supreme Court decision that validates the desire of millions of Americans to enter the institution of marriage, it’s hard to say those events killed marriage, either secular or religious.

Henry Miller (citing, in part, superb research done by GMU Econ alum Diana Thomas) explains that government regulation is often lethal – literally so.

Aaron Tao warns of the humanitarian threat to free speech.

Warren Meyer is rightly unimpressed with today’s fashionable calls for more light rail.

Finally, Steve Davies directs us to this provocative essay by Dylan Matthews on some downsides of the American revolutionaries’ victory over King George & Co.