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August 6th: A Day That Will Live In Infamy

My original thought was to include a link to Sheldon Richman’s latest in today’s “Some Links” post.  But this issue is too important not to be treated separately.

Seventy years ago today the leaders of the U.S. government mercilessly murdered tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Hiroshima.  Three days later they repeated their brutality in Nagasaki.  These atrocities were then, and they remain today, inexcusable slaughters.


I know that this post will offend and disturb many Cafe patrons.  For that you have my sincere apologies.  But please do not e-mail me with your complaints or objections.  You will not convince me that you are correct just as I will not convince you that I am correct.  One problem is our radically different priors.  Like Sheldon, I see no reason to suppose that a Japan that failed to surrender unconditionally would have posed any meaningful threat to ordinary Americans.  Like Sheldon, I reject the collectivism inherent in the “we Americans” vs. “them Japanese” mental construction.

Bombers don’t see their victims.  It’s therefore too easy to slaughter from afar – such as, from an oval-shaped office on the banks of the Potomac.

UPDATE: From the Washington Post (but do also read the many links supplied in Sheldon’s essay).


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