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New Digs for GMU Econ

After 20 years of being housed in Enterprise Hall on George Mason’s Fairfax campus, GMU’s Department of Economics has now moved its headquarters to a beautiful newly renovated suite in Mason Hall on the Fairfax campus.  While our colleagues in the Center for Study of Public Choice still remain in Carow Hall (about a ten-minute walk away from Mason Hall), many of our other academic colleagues with the Mercatus Center have joined us in Mason Hall.

Yesterday we enjoyed a lunch together in the Mason Hall atrium.  Here’s a photo, taken just after that lunch, of me with just some of the brilliant and inspiring colleagues who I am deeply fortunate to work with.  (From left to right: Robin Hanson, Alex Tabarrok, Dan Houser, Dan Klein, Kevin Frei [a young entrepreneur visiting us from Phoenix], me, and Bryan Caplan.)



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