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Matthew Kahn debates Michael Roberts on the role of adaptability to climate change.  A slice from Kahn’s reply to Roberts:

With regards to my Climatopolis work, recall that my focus is the urbanized world. The majority of the world already live in cities and cities have a comparative advantage in adapting to climate conditions due to air conditioning, higher income and public goods investments to increase safety.

My optimism about our ability to adapt is based on migration, competition and innovation.

My former student Liya Palagashvili draws some lessons from Uber’s recent victory in Gotham over a special-interest group.

Speaking of Uber, here are Richard Epstein’s thoughts on this wonderful new service.

Another of my former students, Alex Nowrasteh, ponders Bernie Sanders’s opposition to open borders.  Here’s Alex’s opening:

I am not surprised that Bernie Sanders is opposed to open borders. There is a long tradition of socialists, labor unions, and Marxists opposing open borders in the United States. Many left-wing intellectuals oppose liberalized immigration, let alone open borders, because it will destroy political support for redistribution and state control of the economy — and they might be right.

My former research assistant Mark Perry reflects on attempts to raise worker pay for reasons other than rising worker productivity.

Ilya Somin, a GMU colleague of mine from over in the law school, defends jury nullification.

John Tamny rightly criticizes Marco Rubio’s defense of sugar subsidies.


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