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Some Links

Scott Lincicome explains how Trumponomics benefits political elites at the expense of people less politically powerful.

The great Mary Anastasia O’Grady explores, in the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump’s defective economics.  (gated)  A slice:

Mr. Trump may be impressed by devaluation as a policy tool because Mexico—whose politicians in his eyes are among the cleverest and most “cunning”—practiced it for many years. Yet slashing the value of currency to achieve prosperity is preposterous, as generations of Latin Americans, not only Mexicans, can attest. If “competitive devaluation” worked, Argentina would be the national equivalent of Donald Trump. That means very, very rich, in case you somehow missed the Donald’s constant assertion about his net worth.

Mark Perry exposes Donald Trump’s hypocrisy.

Kevin Williamson explains (some of) what Donald Trump does not understand about trade.

James Sherk reveals a foundational flaw in Hillary Clinton’s assertion that worker pay hasn’t kept pace wit worker productivity.

Jeff Jacoby reflects on Sesame Street’s move to HBO.