Abby Hall (GMU Econ PhD, 2015) explains the importance of property rights.

Ilya Somin, a GMU colleague of mine from over in the law school, warns against warning labels.

Jerry Jordan reviews David Stockman’s book, The Great Deformation.

In this new Mercatus Center working paper, economists G.P. Manish and Dan Sutter explore the interesting connection between cronyism and the supply of innovative entrepreneurs.

Iain Murray points out that financial markets have long been a source of the benefits of the sharing economy.

Angus, over at Kids Prefer Cheese, helpfully summarizes four important negative theorems from economics.

I just learned from Alberto Mingardi the sad news that the great economic historian Nathan Rosenberg died yesterday.  I second, by the way, Alberto’s strong recommendation of Rosenberg’s 1986 book (with L.E. Birdzell), How the West Grew Rich.  It is a treasure.


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