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Some Links

Robert Doar is right: family structure matters.  Here’s his conclusion:

But until all participants in the debate recognize the overwhelming importance of having two parents in the home, we’re not going to get very far in improving opportunity.

Ben Gitis and Jacqueline Varas find that worker pay has not lagged worker productivity.

Ira Stoll compares Disney World to the TSA.

My colleague Bryan Caplan offers an example of mistaken mainstream economic theory.

Michael Tanner and Charles Hughes explain that

[i]f welfare benefits become too generous, they can create a significant incentive that encourages recipients to remain “on the dole” rather than to seek employment.

Corey Iacono explains that Bernie Sanders is utterly ignorant about the economics of trade.

Writing over at Alt-M, Gerald O’Driscoll reviews the foundational case for monetary rules.