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Some Links

Here’s Bob Higgs at his best.  And again here – from which comes this slice:

The USA has become a legal nightmare of perfectly legal injustice, and aside from the lawyers, who thrive on this vast body of injustices, hardly anyone has an inkling of just how enormous and pervasive it really is.

Speaking of which, Jason Kuznicki explains that ignorance of today’s “laws” is indeed often a genuinely good (even if not often enough a “legally” acceptable) excuse.

From the “Yet Another Environmentalist Myth Is Busted” files, Reason’s Katherine Mangu-Ward explains the enormous economic benefits of plastic bags.  (HT David Henderson)

My colleague Bryan Caplan ruminates insightfully on some issues in labor economics.  A slice:

More importantly, the “unemployment is worse for janitors than corporate lawyers” story implies that employers prefer to hire desperate workers.  In the real world, the opposite is true.  Employers favor currently employed applicants over unemployed applicants, and short-term unemployed applicants over long-term unemployed applicants.  That’s why workers who are desperate for a new job doctor their resumes to look less desperate, not more.

Recently minted GMU Econ PhD Abby Hall reflects on the economic calamity that is Venezuela.

Mark Perry relates yet another instance of the cruelty of minimum-wage legislation.

Speaking of the cruelty of minimum-wage legislation….  (HT Bruce Berlin)