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HEADLINE: College Students Respectfully Listen to Speaker With Whom They Intensely Disagree.  (gated)  Socialist – and pro-choice – Bernie Sanders’s recent speech at very conservative – and pro-life – Liberty University sparked no epidemic there of students suffering from “microaggressions” after they listened politely and without protest to Mr. Sanders’s remarks.

As readers of this blog might (or might not) have detected, I haven’t a whiff of religiosity about me, so I have no prejudice that biases me in favor of applauding the students at a staunchly Baptist university.  (Nor, I add for the record, have I any bias against such students.)  Yet I sincerely applaud the civility and dignity of Liberty U’s students.  They behave like the truly civilized young men and women that they are rather than like those ostentatiously hyper-sensitive uncivilized students at more ‘prestigious’ schools who so often shout down speakers who might utter some thought that their tender, pampered emotions or their flabby, unchallenged intellects will find disagreeable.

Speaking of which, Jonathan Haidt summarizes a new paper by Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning.

David Henderson reflects productively on one of Harold Demsetz’s most-celebrated articles.

CEI founder Fred Smith ponders the message of Charles Murray’s new book.

John Taylor examines Jeb Bush’s tax proposal.  And he here ponders prospects for increasing the rate of U.S. economic growth.

Bob Murphy explains that government regulations can be fatal.

Jason Brennan defends a freer market in infant adoptions.  (I made a similar argument – although less eloquently – 20 years ago in the Cato Journal.)