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by Don Boudreaux on September 16, 2015

in Crime, Immigration, Politics, Seen and Unseen, Trade

Sarah Skwire is confident that Carly Fiorina isn’t much concerned about Donald Trump’s misogyny.

Nick Gillespie explains that Bernie Sanders’s hostility to more open immigration and to free trade is the product of ignorance with an ancient and none-too-pleasing lineage.  There’s absolutely nothing that is genuinely progressive about a nativist mercantilist.

Richard Rahn rightly admires the Swiss.

My colleague Alex Tabarrok reviews Gary Becker’s biggest mistake.

Sally Satel joins the debate on the proper role of bioethicists.

Elaine Schwartz explains that choosing to ‘do good’ – and succeeding in the effort – is not as easy as it sounds.

Larry McQuillan summarizes the sorry trend of freedom in America.


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