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Some Links

My student Mark Lutter ponders a creative way to help refugees.  And Mark has more here.

Steve Horwitz, at his Facebook page, asks germane questions:

If US-style capitalism is the scourge of the earth, according to the Pope, how does he explain the steady influx of immigrants from the rest of the world that he rightly encourages us to accept? If our system is so terrible, especially for the poor, why do the world’s poor keep trying to come here, and to such an extent that the Pope feels it necessary to discuss the issue in front of Congress? Are the world’s poor just misinformed? Are they so inclined to evil that they will risk their lives to relocate to such a horrible place? What gives?

And while on Steve’s Facebook page I found this splendid smack-down by P.J. O’Rourke of the insufferable Ann Coulter.

Stephanie Slade explains that if Pope Francis really wants to help the poor he should embrace free markets.

In a conversation with Reason’s Matt Welch, devout Catholic Judge Andrew Napolitano expresses his disagreement with the Pope’s economic pronouncements.

Also from Matt Welch is this excellent explanation of how capitalism cleans, rather than dirties, the environment.  Here’s Matt’s conclusion:

But moving the periscope back reveals a long-term trend toward environmental cleanliness everywhere that capitalism has been allowed to flourish at length, whether it be in democratic socialist France or the allegedly laissez faire United States. We all get there, as long as we don’t totally murder the goose that laid these golden eggs.

Warren Meyer to Americans: “You are all rich.

The lead essay in the Fall 2015 Heritage Insider is John Cochrane’s “The New Tyranny: How the Regulatory State Threatens Your Freedom.