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by Don Boudreaux on October 23, 2015

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Here’s George Will at his best – and quoting extensively and favorably the great Constitutional scholar Randy Barnett.  A slice:

So, Barnett says, yes, the Constitution – “the law that governs those who govern us” – is libertarian. And a Lockean president would nominate justices who would capaciously define and vigorously defend, against abuses by majoritarian government, what the 14th Amendment calls Americans’ “privileges or immunities.”

Roger Pilon of Cato and Randy Barnett himself join in this discussion on the proper role of the judiciary in the United States.

My former GMU student Alex Nowrasteh explains that legalizing immigration will save lives.

Speaking of a more humane, civilized, and less-authoritarian immigration policy, my colleague Bryan Caplan is unfailingly informative and insightful.

Are George Akerlof and Robert Shiller correct to argue that free markets are bad for our waistlines, wallets, and happiness?  Cato’s Marian Tupy and Chelsea German say no.

Here’s yet more evidence from Mark Perry that forcing low-skilled employees to charge above-market prices for their labor services causes fewer such employees to be employed.


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