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Some Links

George Selgin remembers the late, great Anna Schwartz on what would have been her 100th birthday.

Mark Perry is sour on Marco Rubio’s support for the cronyism that is the Uncle Sam’s policy of artificially sweetening the bank accounts of U.S. sugar growers.

In this video, Miriam Roff explains how carried interest should – and shouldn’t – be taxed.

Warren Meyer nicely exposes the mindlessness, hypocrisy, and authoritarianism that is running wild today on college campuses.  A slice:

I once thought that a key goal of “diversity” was to eliminate the in-group/ out-group dynamic that has been so destructive through all of history.  But I am increasingly convinced that the true objective of diversity programs as practiced on university campuses is to simply shift the “out-group” tag from one set of people to another.  More horrible things are said on campus about whites, males, Asians, wealthy people, straights, frats, etc than I ever heard in my entire lifetime from anyone about, say, African Americans.

George Leef makes a strong case that the slippery slope of government control over our lives is both real and much more slippery than most people realize it to be.

Steve Horwitz valuably labors against the labor theory of value.

Shikha Dalmia thumps Trump.  As does Mark Perry.