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Some Links

David Henderson offers sound reflections on terrorism from Paul Krugman, John Mueller, and – perhaps surprisingly – John McCain.

George Will insightfully discusses the childishness and mindlessness now running rampant on U.S. college campuses.  (Fortunately, GMU – so far at least – has largely been immune to such silliness.)  A slice:

If you believe, as progressives do, that human nature is not fixed, and hence is not a basis for understanding natural rights. And if you believe, as progressives do, that human beings are soft wax who receive their shape from the society that government shapes. And if you believe, as progressives do, that people receive their rights from the shaping government. And if you believe, as progressives do, that people are the sum of the social promptings they experience. Then it will seem sensible for government, including a university’s administration, to guarantee not freedom of speech but freedom from speech. From, that is, speech that might prompt its hearers to develop ideas inimical to progress, and that might violate the universal entitlement to perpetual serenity.

Also from George Will is this new Prager University video explaining that “campaign finance reform is what it pretends to combat: corruption.”

David Boaz explains that trade is not a trade-off.  It’s a win-win.

Jesse Panuccio reflects, in the Wall Street Journal, on the Obama administration’s scheme to deny to more workers the right to not demand overtime payments from their employers.  (gated)

Sandy Ikeda insightfully explores the zero-sum nature of “Progressive” politics.

George Leef makes the case against “public service” employment being used as an excuse for student-loan forgiveness.