Wall Street Journal columnist Mary Anastasia O’Grady understands what Donald Trump and his fans do not understand about Mexican immigrants to the United States.  (gated)  A slice:

One common charge is that migrants come to the U.S. to sponge off the welfare state. But the data are clear that work drives Mexican migration.

Bob Higgs remembers Doug North.

With the help of Milton Friedman, my old and dear friend Sandy Ikeda exposes government spending for what it really is.

Daniel Bier uses three graphs to describe the economic condition of America’s middle class.

Speaking of the economic condition of America’s middle class, Chelsea German has some data to disprove yet another of Bernie Sanders’s many faulty claims.

Speaking of faulty economic claims, in this video Christina Hoff Sommers corrects an oft-repeated erroneous claim about the “gender pay gap.”

Back to the Wall Street Journal – in today’s edition Andy Puzder correctly argues that the retail sector in the United States simply cannot absorb even modest minimum-wage hikes without causing some low-skilled workers to lose, or to not get, jobs.  (gated)

David Henderson reviews Climate Schlock.


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