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by Don Boudreaux on January 7, 2016

in Economics, Inequality, Monetary Policy, Seen and Unseen, Work

George Selgin, writing at Alt-M, continues his analysis of the Fed’s policy of paying interest on member banks’  excess reserves.

Consistency in thinking on the margin is among the finest traits of the good economist; the marginal value of such thinking remains quite high.  David Henderson explains.

Speaking of David Henderson, he recommends this essay, in Reason‘s February 2016 edition, by Brian Doherty on guns.  I second David’s recommendation.

This month’s “Liberty Matters” discussion is centered on a lead essay by Georgetown University law professor Randy Barnett on the great Lysander Spooner.

Tim Worstall reflects on Jeffrey Clemens’s latest research into the employment consequences of minimum-wage legislation a government policy of pricing some low-skilled workers out of jobs in order to artificially boost the wages of other workers.

What percentage of U.S. taxpayers who make it into the top 400 are there for only one year before falling out of this super-high-income group?  Mark Perry has the answer.

Have economists only just recently become concerned with questions of inequality and justice?  My colleague Pete Boettke has the answer.


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