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by Don Boudreaux on January 13, 2016

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Sarah Skwire reminds us that the good old days were terrible – and, in doing so, she also exposes an historian’s grotesque misunderstanding of commerce and, of all things, also of history.

Alan Dowd summarizes America’s continuing loss of economic freedom.

Arnold Kling is seldom mistaken, but I agree with David Henderson that Arnold is mistaken to insist that contract enforcement requires that government be at least in the background.

Jeff Jacoby rightly mourns – as also Ronald Reagan likely would have mourned – the fact that hostility to immigrants has become a defining issue for American conservatives.

Although I cannot tolerate watching a State of the Union “speech,” I’m glad that my friends at Cato watch such intelligence-insulting and soul-sapping political theater – and respond.

Reason‘s Ron Bailey reviews Matt Ridley’s The Evolution of Everything.  (HT Manny Klausner)

Barry Brownstein does his part to help make visible the invisible hand.


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