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by Don Boudreaux on January 22, 2016

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Check out the progress, over the past 35 years, in slashing data-storage costs.

Tonight at 5:00pm EST the latest episode of Stossel will air on Fox Business.  (It will air again on Sunday.)  I brag that this episode is built on this letter-to-the-editor (and I’ll be on the show during its first segment).

As Iain Murray explains, the U.S. president (not only, but certainly including, the current holder of that title) increasingly rules as if he’s a monarch intent on feathering the nests of his allies even if doing so inflicts serious damage on the economy (as well as, of course, further restricts people’s freedom).  See also this related article by Iain.

Where does your U.S. state rank in terms of the state- and local-tax burdens its citizens are forced to endure?  The Tax Foundation’s Nicole Kaeding has the answer.

Jeffrey Tucker has an important message for all fans of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders: your being dissatisfied with the establishment is insufficient to make you a friend of liberty, prosperity, peace, and civilization.

I link here, for selfish reasons, to this deeply insightful 2011 paper by Harold Demzetz entitled “The Problem of Social Cost: What Problem?”: I want to be able to access it easily in the future.

Shawn Regan writes sensibly about land-use conflicts.


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